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Kristýna Kleslová, wedding planner

My work

Preparing and planning a wedding step by step is a creative process that brings joy, love, and many beautiful experiences into my life. I dedicate a great deal of time to the creative process and I focus on conjuring up a simple, one-of-a-kind result from everything you want your wedding to be.

In my free time, I’m always looking for new inspiration that comes from both traditional and timeless styles. I also like to follow new trends, however, I don’t implement them in my work. I believe that every couple has their own personal magic that needs to be properly embedded in the creative process.

How I work

I’m the mother of two children who have taught me how to effectively use my time, set priorities, and always go the route of quality, never quantity. To this end, I only take a few commissions a year. This way I can guarantee my best work. I do my job with a lot of love and enthusiasm and I believe it shows.

What I love about my work

Thanks to you, I receive an enormous amount of motivation and inspiration every year. To this day, I still consider many of you to be my friends. And that’s what this is about. My greatest motivation is your passion and eagerness, which help drive the entire process – everything from finding the perfect location to choosing your wedding dress and purveyors for your big day.

My mission

I love quality, originality, and personality. With that in mind, my wedding supplies are regularly transforming and receiving new inspiration from around the world. I admire timeless items, antiques, as well as modern classics. I believe, given the right touch, I can combine these individual elements until they create a perfectly harmonious whole. My goal is to ensure your wedding meets every one of your expectations, while also displaying my specific “signature”, the very reason why you chose me for this task.

Weddings in numbers:

How many years I work as wedding planner/designer?
9 years

How many wedding I planned  & coordinated?
80 weddings

What was the biggest amount of guests?

How big is my team?
I cooperate with 10 vendors approximately.

What kind of wedding I do?
Partly international, partly czech weddings.

How is my approximate wedding budget from 60 people and more?
42 000,- EUR

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!


Mr. and Mrs. Konstelan

“It’s quite obvious that there’s a bit of Kristýna in everything she does, and that’s the sort of priceless bonus she knows how to highlight with her kind approach. All our guests were as surprised and blown away by our table settings as we were. The pictures of the dessert table had people interested who weren’t even there. Christina created unforgettable memories for us and we are beyond happy we had the opportunity to get to know her and induct her into our wedding.”

Kind words

Kind words