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Kristýna Kleslová

Hello, I'm Kristýna

I’m a wedding stylist and coordinator as well as a lover of history, art, and magical places. Planning weddings isn’t only a job for me, it’s also a hobby that I’ve dedicated the last 7 years to. Thanks to my experience, I know how to plan a custom wedding, emphasize its uniqueness, and incorporate a touch of luxury.

Plenty of effort, ideas, conversations, meetings, designs, and tests go into every realized wedding. You, however, don’t have to go it alone. I would love to become your guide, aid, and advisor to give you the most pleasant, relaxed, and joyous wedding possible.

Mr. and Mrs. Konstelan

„It’s quite obvious that there’s a bit of Kristýna in everything she does, and that’s the sort of priceless bonus she knows how to highlight with her kind approach. All our guests were as surprised and blown away by our table settings as we were. The pictures of the dessert table had people interested who weren’t even there. Christina created unforgettable memories for us and we are beyond happy we had the opportunity to get to know her and induct her into our wedding.“

Kind Words

Kind Words

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